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How to make PP strapping seal/cip


We have a lot of chances to make profit from less or little cost but we overlook them all the time.

Here is the chance you'd better not to lose if you are in the steel industry

Making steel strapping clips which are used in steel strapping daily by collecting the steel scraps which are often easily collected.

We offer the machines which can make use of those steel scraps and turn them into real money by making steel strapping clips used in that industry.

There are three types of the steel scraps clips making machine, one is to make medium duty steel strapping clips ( see video), and second is the PP strapping clips machine which produce the plastic strapping clips by using steel scrap sheets or strips ( see video ), and third one is to make the heavy-duty steel strapping clips by using

steel scraps which come from steel mill workshops or from misprinted can making or container making workshops ( see video)

Semi automatic steel strapping seal machine


To make the normal tensile strength seal/clip

with this machine for the industrial application

Speed: 50 piece/minute

Size of seal range: 19 22 32 x 30 35 40 45 50 55 mm ( thickness < or = 0.9mm)

Material:Steel scraps cut into rectangle

Specification >>> down load specification of steel strapping seal machine



to make the Plastic PP strapping seal clip


If you need a machine to make PP plastic strapping seal clip, we may help

you on that, the machine will produce the seals/clips from steel scraps where

you feed the steel strips vertically into the machine and let the machine produce

automatically that is the safe and easy way to make strapping seal/clip.

it can easily produce pp strapping seals like below photos


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Question and Answer
If you need a steel strapping seal machine for producing your steel strapping seal using materials from steel coil or from steel scraps ( by using steel scraps strapping seal machine) it is here for your correct choice.
Is this steel strapping seal machine expensive?
No, it is not expensive.
It is designed to be affordable for the majority of users who usually are small enterprise owners or new starters for strapping business.
Is the machine slow or fast?
It is fast with a speed more than 90 pieces/minute which means that you may produce 40,000 pieces by normal working day and produce one container steel strapping seal less than one month time by a single worker and if you have two machines but still using one worker, you may export one container of steel strapping seals every two weeks!.we have four kind of major machines,PET strapping seal making machine, PP plastic strapping seal making machine ( for open strap seal and for closed strap seal), strapping cord buckle making machine, steel scrpas using machine for making steel or plastic strapping seal/clip, and machine for making steel strapping seal.
What's the machine lifetime in case it is used daily?
Can we get a specification of the machine or manual?
Yes you may download the file from here by clicking [Steel Strapping Seal Machine.pdf]
How many days can we get the machine after putting order to you?
it is only 15 days after we get the downplay or from the date on which we send to you the Proform Invoice and agreed by both parties.
Can we talk to you face to face about the purchasing of the machine?
Yes, you are welcome to come to pay a visit. our selling office is at Shanghai where you may easily fly over which airport is connected with most of the major cities in the world.
Can you call you by phone about the questions we need to ask?
Yes, you add me to your Whatsapp list and we start to talk freely.
Can this machine produce 16 19 and 32 mm width of steel strapping seals in the same machine?
Yes, it can produce all the sizes of the steel strapping seal in the same machine and easy to change the seal making the device part inside in few minutes.


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